Wessex Truck Show 2017 Results

Premier Artic Sponsored by WTTL

1st -Nick Revitt 

2nd – Owen Nutt

3rd – Tom Burls                                   J Godfrey & Son     

Artic up to 3 yrs old Sponsored by P Charlton & Son. 

1st –  Kev Graves                                Shaun Burton 

2nd -Nigel Oliver                                Westfields

3rd -Martin Solomon                       West Country Bulk

H/C – Aaron Barnsley                       Barnsley & Son 

H/C -Gareth Bunby                          MDR

H/C -Ben Beverage                          Evans Transport

Artic over 3 yrs old Sponsored by S C Lyons 

1st – Adrian Beal                                 T Nutt & Son 

2nd -Lee Hutchings                           Slades

3rd -Andrew York                              M Way & Son

H/C- Kieran Henly                            C & N 

H/C – Harry Rear                               G Sweeting

H/C- Mike Hart                                  M Way & Son   

Best Interior in memory of Tony Buckingham Sponsored by United Truckers

1st -Pete Harrison                             Barry Paterson

2nd – Archie Long                               Parsons

3rd – Mel Griffiths

H/C -Mark Buckingham                 Parsons

H/C- Scott Henson                           K T Keedwell 

Custom Interior Sponsored by Northfrieght

1st -Jordan Andrews

2nd – Brian Rowlands

3rd – Dean Whittington                   Gardener & Grandson

H/C-David Rowlingson                   Alwins



Rigid over 3 yrs old Sponsored by KT Parker 

1st – Pete Harrison                            Barry Patterson

2nd – Darryl Broadley                        WTTL

3rd – Mark Buckingham                   Parsons

H/C – Gary Sweeting

H/C- Steve Ward 

Rigid up to 3 yrs old Sponsored by M Way & Son 

1st – Jamie Scott                                 Aaron Grab

2nd – Rich Lewis                                  Alan Coward

3rd – Ben Norman                              Aaron Grab

H/C – Luke Harris                              C & N

H/C – Brian Moore                            R L Taylor

Best Fleet Sponsored by D &N Transport

 1st – WTTL

2nd – West Country Bulk

3rd – Alwins

H/C – Wains

H/C – Gardener & Grandson 

Best Non-working / classic / restored John and Jim Memorial Sponsored by Ian & Neil   

1st – James Voysey

2nd – Keith Zeltzen

3rd – Geoff Jones                               T Nutt & son

H/C- Nicola Coltart 

Best vintage Sponsored by United Truckers

1st – Pete Squires                              M Way & Son 

Best Light Commercial Sponsored by CDC

1st – Pedro Sellers 

2nd – Paul Oliver

3rd – Mark Reyland

H/C – Darren Harriman


Best American Sponsored by United Truckers

Winner – Nick Way 

Judges Choice Ray Brinicombe memorial Sponsored by Shirley Millman 

Winner – Lucy Rose Hewson 

Young Achievers

Under 11 Rihanna Master

Over 11 to 16 phoebe Burgess